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Posted by Todd Mitchell on February 13, 2019
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424 Krest St | Madera | $299,900 | Sold









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424 Krest St Madera CA 93637

The “Cool House” ? | Sold


Houses are a bit like people. Some just seem to have a special flare to them. A cool hip vibe and you just know that they were that one house on the street back in the day. The house that was simply known as, “the cool house.” And, everyone would agree.


The house with the cool architectural flare and the sophisticated parties on the weekends. If you were one of the lucky few, you’d get invited and your social standing would immediately rise in stock.


Welcome to your new home located at 424 Krest St Madera Ca 93637 in Northwest Madera. And what an amazing home it is at that. You clearly have excellent taste. As you walk through the front door, you’re greeted by a winding staircase to the left of the foyer. You can imagine it full of people toasting in the New Year with Champagne glasses raised high in the air. Everyone full of life celebrating.


As you continue to experience 424 Krest St, you encounter a large brick fireplace that separates the family room and the living room. With the soft neutral grays as well as the all new windows throughout, this home has an updated feel to it. It feels right, and you can imagine bringing it back to life with some sophisticated gatherings of your own.



The kitchen is open to the dining and family room which is a perfect complement for carrying on conversations with your family, friends and evening guests.


The master bedroom is large and is a place of solitude after a long day and after your party guest have left for the evening. You can take solace in your place of refuge. The purchase of 424 Krest St will be one of the best decisions you’ve made.


The backyard is over-sized. With some outdoor lighting and patio furniture, it will be primed and ready to take your summer festivities to the next level.


As you recount your experience at 424 Krest St. just perhaps those people you imagined on the staircase in your foyer were toasting you. A congratulatory toast on the purchase of your new home at your New Year’s Eve Party. And to that, we say, welcome home friends!


It’s time to FINALLY Stop Searching and Start Living the GoodLife!


All the best,

Todd & Linda



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