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Posted by Todd Mitchell on February 12, 2019
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5555 W. Mesa Ave | Fresno| $232,000 | Sold -105% of List Price | 5 Days









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5555 W Mesa Ave Fresno CA 93722

Your Future Starts NOW | Sold


Let’s face it, many people think to themselves that they’ll one day own a house but that’s down the road. They think they’re not ready yet or that there are things they need to do first. However, we think if they only knew just how easy it was, they would have done it A LONG time ago. Your Future Begins Now at 5555 W Mesa Ave Fresno CA 93722.


Each month you pay rent, you’re either making someone else’s mortgage payment and building wealth for them by paying off their asset or you’re making the apartment complex owners wealthy by the same principle.


You see, you live in a very fortunate time and reality with these mortgage interest rates we’ve enjoyed for the past several years. This is NOT the new normal and it will one day soon normalize back to healthier levels for the economy. That is why the time is right NOW to act and beat these interest rates before they rise any further.



As of December of 2018, the median home price in Fresno & Clovis has appreciated 30K over the last few years and in some desirable area’s much more. Just think what that extra money could do for your family? Perhaps you could upgrade your home in the next 2-3 years and work your way towards your dream home? Having equity in your property gives you options and we think options are AMAZING!


When we come across homes like 5555 W Mesa Ave we know they are special. It’s pretty rare, to be honest. In this price, there is A LOT of competition and most homes in this range simply put are not even close to this nice.


If you’re just thinking of starting the search for your new home you don’t yet have the proper perspective as you haven’t seen just exactly what is available in the lower 200K price range. It doesn’t take long to figure out though that 5555 W Mesa Ave Fresno CA 93722 is a needle in a haystack find.


Don’t make the mistake of waiting on this one. The time is right now for you to begin your future. Welcome Home!

It’s time to FINALLY Stop Searching and Start Living the GoodLife!


All the best,

Todd & Linda



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Todd & Linda

We’re committed to creating raving fans for clients. If you’d like to see this beautiful home, contact us today and let’s go to work and make this happen.

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